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I love sharing fun, but practical real estate advice and tips. With my expertise of being a homeowner, realtor, and longtime Cincinnati resident, I try to give you an inside eye for what I experience every day in the home-buying/selling market.

first home

Best Ways to Save for a First Home

One of the most expensive and important purchases you’re likely to make in your lifetime is your first home. Let’s face it, home ownership is one of the central components of the American “dream.” Moreover, owning a home continues to be talked about as one of the safer investments a person can make. To that end, when is the last time you attended a family gathering or function without hearing some random uncle or third cousin holding forth near the

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preserve your home

15 Ways to Preserve Your Home

Just like anything in life, everything has an expiration date, even your home. For your enjoyment, as well as the future owner’s, we have a checklist to help you preserve your home! You might not even be thinking of selling your home right now, but someday you will have to. It does not hurt keeping your house in top shape! Home buyers today are more cautious than ever before. Something as small as chipped paint or a damaged door knob

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winter prep

Winter Prep for your House

As the weather turns colder and harsher, it makes sense to consider winter prep for any valuable items that we own which will inevitably be affected. Some of our “stuff” such as boats, cars, motorcycles, and expensive equipment can be stored away and concealed from the elements. Ironically, though, the single most expensive item we own cannot be secured in a storage unit, covered with a tarp, or stowed away in the basement. That’s because we’re talking about the one

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Moving to Cincinnati? Here’s What You Should Know!

You will not find another place in the US where more of the population stays put from the cradle to grave. No moving away from this city! Because of the low-cost economy, unique abundance of both rural and urban neighborhoods, and various things to do, Cincinnati has been a lasting landing hub for many people. Let me introduce you to the Queen City! What Are Your Accommodation Needs? It is hard to point to one direct spot in the area

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move in

7 Things to Do BEFORE You Move In

Once you sign that closing document, you might get the instant urge to move right in! We understand this feeling, but try to fight it. There are some important items to cross off your list before you get settled in. Some of these items can be preferential, depending on the person, but others could be a matter of safety. Check off these 7 things before you move in to your new home! 1. Check Fire/Carbon Monoxide Detectors This one is

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Selling a House

4 Big Challenges When Selling A House

It’s a buyer’s market! Even so, selling a house doesn’t always come easy. It takes hard work to prepare, patience, and diligence throughout the sale process. Having been through it also does not hurt, as knowledge is essential in real estate matters. If you are ready to sell your home, let us give you the run-down on the challenges you’ll face and how to overcome them! Selling a House is Emotional You can go from excited to worried within a

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