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I love sharing fun, but practical real estate advice and tips. With my expertise of being a homeowner, realtor, and longtime Cincinnati resident, I try to give you an inside eye for what I experience every day in the home-buying/selling market.

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Gregg Sutter Realty and Title Insurance

Is The House Title Clean? In the world of real estate, ensuring the safety of your property investment is paramount. This is precisely why Gregg Sutter Realty has partnered with reputable title insurance agencies, ensuring that your property title is not just secure, but absolutely clean. Let’s explore how this collaboration between Gregg Sutter Realty and trusted title insurance agencies in Cincinnati, Ohio, adds an extra layer of protection to your real estate endeavors. The Significance of a Clean Property

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Buying a Home in Today’s Economy

With the many discussions of a recession on the way, it is easy to ask yourself the question of whether it is safe to buy a home in today’s economy. This can be an even more trying decision if you are making your first home purchase and have never walked down this path before. If you are looking to buy a home in today’s economy, there is definitely much to gain. Being on the buyer side of the market in

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Home inspection checklist

10 Important Home Inspection Checklist Items 

Before you put your property up for sale, you might be worried about what repairs or updates need to be made. Maybe you already made a lot of progress over the years. Is it enough? Find out with this home inspection checklist and be ready to sell your property with confidence!   1. The Foundation  Foundation problems are one of the top reasons inspections can go awry. The cost to fix a crumbling or unstable foundation can be monumental that will

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selling your home this spring

Ultimate Checklist for Selling Your Home This Spring 

Notes of Spring are already in the air in Cincinnati! We have an important checklist for selling your home this spring that is sure to get you ready for what’s coming. So, get ready to open up the windows and doors to let fresh air and potential buyers in! Tackle this checklist and sell that house.   Prep The Property to Show  Make sure the property is ready to show off. It is important that the house be clean, appealing, and

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sell a house

Is 2023 a Good Time to Sell a House? 

New year, new opportunities! If you have been waiting for a good time to sell a house or make a real estate transition, 2023 might be the time. Often, when we make these big moves, we don’t look into what the market is doing. However, if you want a clearer outlook, we have a few trends to observe. Let’s get into it!   Interest Rates are Stabilizing  With today’s high inflation on everything, you’re probably tired of this trend. Interest rates were very volatile last year,

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new year's resolutions

6 Exciting New Year’s Resolutions: Homeowners Addition!  

New year, new opportunities to shine! You might have some New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, like losing weight or practicing meditation in 2023. Choosing to better ourselves for the new year is wonderful, but what about bettering your surroundings? We have six new year’s resolution ideas for a happy and healthy home in 2023!   1. Make Plans for the Property  Time always flies and then suddenly the year is over and home improvement projects get put on the back-burner. Make

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