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2 Important Top Trends in Real Estate 

For many decades, the real estate business has been stuck to its traditional ways and techniques. It has been hesitant to incorporate new ideas and add a modern touch to its industry… until more recently. 

More and more we are seeing the real estate industry exploring possibilities in the digital world. Technology is being integrated, and advancements are being made in this field. Top trends in real estate business seem to be revolving around virtual reality and, of course, artificial intelligence.  

The main focus is centered around two things: 

1. How do we make advancements in the client experience? 

2. Ways to make investments that are informed 

With innovation revolving around the real estate industry, a boom and growth are expected as the sector will scale up and utilize all the endless possibilities that await them in the digital world. 

Two top trends in real estate: 

1. Artificial Intelligence and The Real Estate Industry 

In modern times, many upgraded services are made a part of the real estate industry. Devices are stacked with an expansive range of data that features the location, occupants, and more. The analysis of this allows you to grasp the trends that are being portrayed in the property business. It also enables you to assess the risk that would go on with your investment and also gives clarity about what the buyer needs from you. 

If you sit down to sort out this gigantic load of information, it will take up a lot of your time. For that, artificial intelligence saves the day. It is quick to process massive, real-time data that is being generated and also helps in offering important insights through it. Using previous and current information, AI identifies top trends in real estate business to assist in decision making. 

Apart from this, people in the real estate companies are now using AI-based chatbots that helps them to connect with their clients in a faster, more convenient, and more reliable manner. This helps them to answer the queries of their potential clients in the least amount of time. 

Gregg Sutter’s Take: Gregg uses all the connectivity tools he can to help him connect to the client in a fast and efficient way. He does not work with chatbots, but bases his techniques primarily on each of his client’s preferences. He also takes pride in the fact that if you try to get ahold of him, you will not be reaching out to a chatbot or teleworker, but authentically him.  

2. Virtual Reality and The Real Estate Industry 

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Virtual reality is a technological trend swiftly paving its way in the real estate business. With impressive techniques in showing off properties, helping the potential clients make a more informed decision without even having to step onto the property. Virtual tours offer 3D walkthroughs, interactive measuring details, and more. This is a really effective trend as it helps to improve the buying experience. 

Do you need to see what a building that is in the construction phase will look like when it’s complete? No worries, virtual reality has got you covered! This allows your clientele to get a better idea of what they will be purchasing.  

Gregg Sutter’s Take: Gregg is up to date on all the techniques to show off a home on the market. If a seller wants to use these services to get their property sold, Gregg has great recommendations at the ready that do a wonderful job! Cincy Photo Pro does a great work on virtual 3D tours!  

Takeaway for the Top Trends in Real Estate 

With the adaptation to these technological advancements, real estate is emerging and paving the way using a futuristic approach. What do you think? Could you benefit from these tools and techniques?  

Gregg Sutter takes interest in such advancements as long as they help the client. Without using these tools, he is still able to see problems that other real estate agents might miss. He also takes an interesting approach to helping his customers: he limits his active listings to six at a time. We are unaware of any other real estate agent who does this. By limiting his listings, Gregg can laser-focus his attention on his clients. Contact Gregg today to get started on your buying or selling adventure!