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Moving to Cincinnati? Here’s What You Should Know!

You will not find another place in the US where more of the population stays put from the cradle to grave. No moving away from this city! Because of the low-cost economy, unique abundance of both rural and urban neighborhoods, and various things to do, Cincinnati has been a lasting landing hub for many people. Let me introduce you to the Queen City!

What Are Your Accommodation Needs?

It is hard to point to one direct spot in the area when it comes to where to plant yourself. First, it is good to know what your needs are before plotting a place. Do you have children? This question is one of the most important, as you will want to scout out good schools. Right across the river in Kentucky is one of the best schools in the area and it is just a few miles outside the city! There are other areas great for families such as Milford, West Chester, and Loveland, but they are a little further from downtown. Looking for a trendier town with bars, shops, and restaurants? Hyde Park and Oakley are close to the city, but might have all you need right there.

The best way to get a feel for a neighborhood is to actually drive through these areas. If you call me, you will learn that I am one of those statistics that have lived here all my life. I can give you great advice on real estate in the area and other helpful moving info. You can also find some useful info from niche.com. There you can find crime rates, school rankings, homes for sale, and more!

Plan for Wacky Weather

You might have seen the meme with all four seasons stuck into one week. Yeah, Cincinnati can be like that sometimes. We normally get all four seasons though. Our leaves change in autumn, we get a bit of snowfall every winter, and we can have some pretty sweltering summer days. Overall, it is a mild climate. We get a higher average for rainfall. Just make sure you look at the forecast and wear layers!

Life and Culture

There are a wide range of varied activities in this area. From tastes ranging from art lover to sport fanatic, Cincinnati has you covered. We have great museums for adults and kids alike. There are a lot of theaters to see international acts, as well as impressive community performances. We have a bustling sports scene with national teams in baseball , football, soccer, and hockey. If you are into the outdoors, we have an array of great parks and nature centers. The main cultural influences in the area hail from Germany. Cincinnati is known for holding the largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich.

Traveling Through Cincinnati

If you live within downtown, it is easily navigable by foot. The bus and trolley system are helpful as well. If you need to travel to Chicago or even as far as New York, Amtrack offers a rail service. There is also Megabus and Greyhound services. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has non-stop flights to several national and international destinations.

Bottom Line for Moving to Cincinnati

There are a lot of things to consider when relocating. You can consult all the internet forums available, but they still might not give you as clear of an outlook as you might need. Consider giving me a call. I absolutely love this city and can help you get acclimated in no time. Looking to buy a house in the area? Contact me for what is available! I will help you find the perfect fit for your new adventure in Cincinnati!