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7 Things to Do BEFORE You Move In

Once you sign that closing document, you might get the instant urge to move right in! We understand this feeling, but try to fight it. There are some important items to cross off your list before you get settled in. Some of these items can be preferential, depending on the person, but others could be a matter of safety. Check off these 7 things before you move in to your new home!

1. Check Fire/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This one is as important as they come. If it’s a place you are unfamiliar with, it can be even more pertinent. Make sure all of your detectors are in operation. You never know when there could be a gas leak or worse. Better safe than sorry!

2. Take Action Per the Inspection Report

Home inspections are often necessary for bank loans. This notion might cause you to not take them so seriously when it comes to your own personal priorities. There are loads of horror stories of houses catching fire and exploding that should change your perspective on this. Sit down and take a hard look at your inspection report. Note the safety precautionary items. Take them seriously and take action.

We know, it’s just another hurdle in the way of moving-in day, but not heeding to fixing these things could result in your or a family member’s death. Call your home inspector if you have questions. A lot of it could look like technical jargon, but if you walked around with the inspector, they should have emphasized how important certain issues were.

3. Clean Clean Clean!

The spaces might look clean upon first glance, but once you delve into the deep crevices, you might find a world of yuck. Put emphasis on the kitchen and bathrooms. Wherever your dishes and cups will live should be sanitized. Check the often forgotten areas such as walls, vents, ceilings, and baseboards. It will also be easier to clean while the house is empty!

4. Change Your Locks

Don’t underestimate the power of one key. The past recipients might seem very responsible, but how responsible is their babysitter who forgot to turn in that key? There’s also the possibility that copies have been made. Who knows how many people now have keys to your new home? Don’t chance it! If you are concerned about price, ask your local locksmith to do a re-key instead of a total lock change out. That should save you some money.

5. Familiarize Yourself with Your Utilities

Even before you move in, know where the circuit breaker and water shut-off valve is. Not to jinx your move-in, but busted pipes don’t have an agenda. Being aware is the best defense against a situation where you must react quickly.

6. Check Filters and Vents

You’ll probably want to replace the HVAC filter. Even if you’ve been told that it was recently replaced, there’s still no harm in checking. This also goes for any other filters throughout the house. One often forgotten is the oven ventilation screen. That might be the reason airflow seems so weak. A frequently underestimated place is the dryer vent. When this vent is clogged, not only can it hike up your electricity bill, it could also cause a fire.

7. Paint and Install For an Easy Move In

Take advantage of the empty space while you have it. If you don’t like a certain color in a room, paint it! Remove old wallpaper or even make installations if you want to. Don’t forget the floors! Hardwood floor cleaning or polishing will need the space to be empty. These upgrades will bring you joy as you move your things in, making it your own!

Bottom Line

It’s an emotional and busy time. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Buy some beer and pizza for friends and family and have a cleaning day! Make lists and share with others that live with you. Google has a neat tool called Tasks. This app allows you to create check off lists and share them with others, allowing them to check things off as well.

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