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6 Important Things to Consider Before You Move

Whether you are moving in or moving out, the process can be scary. It is easy to fall under the habit of finding the first option and jumping on it. Sometimes, first isn’t always the best and now you’re stuck in a home that you don’t enjoy. Here’s what you should consider before you move!

1. Consider if you can afford it.

Make sure you can afford the new home you are considering. Even though this seems like an obvious thing to consider, people still miss it. An easy tip to use if you are not sure you can afford it is this: whatever you’ve budgeted for your home, double it. If you can still afford it all then you’re in great shape! Make sure you always consider that last minute repair expenses will occur whether you like it or not. So the more prepared you are for those, the easier the transition will be.

2. Check the area’s job market before you move.

If you are moving because of your job – great! If that is not the case, consider what the job market is like where you’re headed. Is it expanding? Is it consistent? Are there more employment opportunities? Do some research before you move to a specific area and know what fits best for you and your work!

3. Consider how long do you want to stay.

This is a subject you do not necessarily need to know right a way but it is one you need to at least think about before you move. Do you want to grow roots or is this a few year stay? Change is constantly happening everyday, so why not be prepared for the change? The best thing to do is have a 5-year or even a 10-year plan on where you see yourself and your life style.

4. Check the area’s schools and neighborhoods.

Take the effort to research the local schools and neighborhoods. Lucky for us, technology makes it so much easier to find the best schools and the best neighborhoods that will fit you. Now, finding the best school will probably only apply if you have kids, but this is still something to consider. Searching for the right neighborhood is important to everyone because it will have a huge impact on your everyday life.

There are plenty of companies that are specifically designed to help you relocate if you are a student, military member, need financial help, etc. Some resources will give you all the important details about the neighborhood you are looking into. Utilize the resources that are available to you and it will make things a lot easier.

5. Have a back-up plan.

Always have a back-up plan. Life can get crazy quickly and sometimes we fail. That is life and it is okay! If something does not work out whether it is a job, schooling, neighborhood matters, or budget-wise, you will need a back-up plan to rely on. Our dreams can be a little too large for where we are currently at in life. Don’t stress it! To go backwards and fail can, in turn, create bigger opportunities. Embrace the expression “when one door closes another one opens.” Don’t burn any bridges in your current state, no matter how much you despise it. You never know how your perspective will change or what resources you will need in the future!

6. Ask a professional.

Know what you’re getting yourself into before you move. Be prepared for the unexpected to happen. Research what you want and need. Have a back-up plan. And contact Gregg Sutter! With over 45 years in Realty, Gregg is always ready to help you to be prepared and find just what you are looking for!