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4 Big Challenges When Selling A House

It’s a buyer’s market! Even so, selling a house doesn’t always come easy. It takes hard work to prepare, patience, and diligence throughout the sale process. Having been through it also does not hurt, as knowledge is essential in real estate matters. If you are ready to sell your home, let us give you the run-down on the challenges you’ll face and how to overcome them!

Selling a House is Emotional

You can go from excited to worried within a minute when in the middle of selling a house. Your emotions may even try to put up a brick wall that will really deplete you of all energy. Should you just give up? Of course not!

Buckle up for the roller coaster that is Real Estate. Reassure yourself on the certainty that you want to sell. Now is not a good time to think of the memory of your baby’s first steps in that living room. Get in business mode! Think of it as nothing but a business transaction, leaving attachments at the door.

Price Points

This is a key challenge. You want to attract buyers, but you don’t want to come up short on the sale. Your best bet is to get a real estate agent that is skilled, local, and knows the local market. They should be able to advertise it well and possibly even get offers over the asking price! A good Realtor will also be able to negotiate for you. Without a real estate agent you could end up selling for too little or waiting a while for offers.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

You could say that real estate agents are a dime a dozen. That may hold true when it comes to quantity, however some of them are worth a lot more or a lot less when it comes to quality!

Here are some tips on choosing a excellent real estate agent:

  • Choose a Full-Time Agent – A part-time agent cannot dedicate as much time and effort toward your sale.
  • Don’t Choose the “YES” Agent – This is an agent that will tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. If they seem like they are blowing smoke, they probably are.
  • Don’t Choose a Realtor Based on the Amount of Homes They Sold Last Year – Markets change. It might have nothing to do with the Realtor.
  • Don’t solely base your Choice on Commission Rate – The rate is negotiable. If one tells you it’s not, they are not being truthful. Also, if you take a Realtor based on a smaller commission, how hard do you think they will work for you? You get what you pay for here.

Buyers Issues

You have an offer! Before you start to do that little dance, just know that there a lot of flaming hoops for the buyer to jump though! Their role is just as important as yours. A lot can happen before closing. The loan could be denied for tons of reasons, the inspection could go sour, or the buyers may not be as interested as they seemed.

Some of these issues are out of your hands, but be prepared for as much as you can. Stay in the loop on all updates from your Realtor. They should be on top of it. Prep the house as much as you can for a successful inspection. Prepare yourself for a letdown. It doesn’t always work out but keep hope that it will, eventually.

Bottom Line

Through the many challenges you will face, know that they will almost always be worth it in the end. Don’t let them get you down. If you must, create a progress report that keeps you updated on all the successes. Celebrate little wins like a good inspection report or a loan going through for the buyer.

Selling a house doesn’t have to be all stress and no fun. Being prepared is key to a smooth ride. Are you ready? Need a Realtor with experience and skill? Contact Gregg Sutter today for a conversation on your situation. You’ll be glad you did!