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Fun Around the House

Don’t you hate the word “bored”? We can see all the parent’s eyes rolling in the backs of their heads right now. Everyone is home and restless for something to do and you don’t want kids in front of the TV all day. It’s time for some fun around the house! It’s a tricky task sometimes and takes a bit of creativity, but there are things to do! Make a jar or pin board and pick an activity from this list!

  • Puzzles- Nothing says “peaceful time-taking activity” like a good ole’ puzzle.
  • Hide & Seek – If the kiddos seem restless and need to move around, start up this classic!
  • Board Games – Videogames aren’t the only games. Hit the floor with a round of Monopoly!
  • Build a Fort – Kids love forts. Drape some blankets over the furniture and camp out!
  • Discover a New Recipe – Sounds like a great teaching opportunity, too! Yum!
  • Make a Card for a Friend or Family Member– Home made ones are the best!
  • Have a Spa Day– Paint little nails, wear a funny face mask, and show them how to relax.
  • Movie Time –Make the popcorn and camp out on the floor with a favorite film.
  • Have a Tea Party–Make crumpets and wear funny hats while sipping warm tea!
  • Discover a New Place–Pull out a map and try to learn as much about the place as you can.
  • Plan a Vacation– Interrogate the kids on where they’d like to go. Do some research with them.
  • Do a Science Experiment– Make some slime, look under a microscope, dissect a plant, etc.
  • Read– Start a big chapter book and take turns reading the pages.
  • Get Artsy– Draw a picture, paint, do some origami, or make a collage. Get creative!
  • Grab a Deck of Cards– Teach your kids Rummy or GoFish.
  • Play Charades– “I hate charades” said no one ever.

Time spent doing any of these things with your kids will kill time, but will also really build your bond. These moments won’t seem fleeting at the time (especially not to the children), but they get big so fast. Be silly and weird with them for as long as you can!