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6 Exciting New Year’s Resolutions: Homeowners Addition!  

New year, new opportunities to shine! You might have some New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, like losing weight or practicing meditation in 2023. Choosing to better ourselves for the new year is wonderful, but what about bettering your surroundings? We have six new year’s resolution ideas for a happy and healthy home in 2023!  

1. Make Plans for the Property 

Time always flies and then suddenly the year is over and home improvement projects get put on the back-burner. Make 2023 count!  

Here are some ideas to keep you on track: 

  • Create a home improvement budget. Find out how much you can spend as a household on the property for improvements and updating projects. This step will let you know for sure what projects are financially possible. Then you can price out projects (labor, materials, etc.) to get an idea of what can be done.  
  • Put projects on a calendar. You don’t have to be strict about the date you start a project, but putting it on the calendar makes it more possible for follow through.  
  • Create a chore chart/calendar. This one is simple and will make some people in the household that are carrying all the chore responsibilities very happy. Use Google Tasks or another app to keep everyone on the same page with what needs to be done. This also works with a dry erase board on the fridge!  
  • Create a schedule for maintenance tasks. This schedule will be for changing out the furnace filter, testing the smoke alarm, seasonal chores like clearing gutters, etc. This will keep your house in good shape and not let troublesome issues pile up.   
  • Open up a “household” emergency account. You never know when your furnace or fridge might go on the fritz! Having an extra $500 or more sitting somewhere for these specific things will make them easier to handle.  

2. Vow to Improve Your Home’s Carbon Footprint 

This one will not only help the environment, but it will also help your wallet! There are so many ways to reduce your household energy output. Here are just a few:  

  • Look Into Installing Solar Panels 
  • Start Composting 
  • Hang Clothes to Air Dry Instead of Using your Dryer 
  • Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs 

3. Focus on Healthy Air 

new year's resolutions for healthy air

We tend to forget the importance of the air we breathe inside of our homes. There are so many contaminants that are not obvious to us even after we’ve had connecting health problems. Look into having your ducts cleaned, and invest in an air purifier to run occasionally. Don’t forget to have your carpets/floors professionally cleaned once in the year also to help indoor air quality. Add some air purifying plants!

4. Focus on Healthy Soil 

Just like our indoor air, we also forget about the soil that surrounds our house. If you plan on having a garden, growing vegetables, or having a luscious lawn, your soil plays an important role. Get a soil test to give you an idea of what nutrients will be needed for optimal growth this season. You can order a DIY soil test online or contact your local cooperative environmental extension service to do a professional test.  

5. Asses Organization  

Got a corner of the office that just drives you crazy? Time for a change! Call a family meeting or just bring it up at dinner. Make a point to discuss certain spaces in the home that are not working organizationally and functionally. Once these issues are brought out, you can plan on changing them up so that they work for everyone. You might find more space for a new hobby or practice! 

6. Clear the Clutter 

This one usually makes a lot of personal new year’s resolutions lists as well. The stuff in our lives can get in the way of productivity, organization, and well-being. Make a plan to clear it. Start a box to give to your local thrift store. Go through your closet and purge the clothes you never wear. Do an evaluation of your kid’s toys and books. Decide what’s not age appropriate anymore and pass things down to the younger generation. This will freshen up your spaces and lives!  

Final Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions for the Home 

The spaces around us can affect our health and well-being for better or worse. This year, make it work for you and your family. Whether it’s renovating a bathroom, clearing out a garage, or making an emergency fund, it will be worth it!  

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