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Ultimate Checklist for Selling Your Home This Spring 

Notes of Spring are already in the air in Cincinnati! We have an important checklist for selling your home this spring that is sure to get you ready for what’s coming. So, get ready to open up the windows and doors to let fresh air and potential buyers in! Tackle this checklist and sell that house.  

Prep The Property to Show 

Make sure the property is ready to show off. It is important that the house be clean, appealing, and presentable. Make sure to tackle these items to get it ready if you are selling your home this spring: 

  • Declutter. Take out and down all the personal items that take away from the property, like boxes, personal décor, and garbage. If you cannot take a lot out, organize items/furniture in a tidy way that does not distract. 
  • Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More! It might be best to hire a cleaning company like Gwen’s Gleam that can come in and get the house clean from top to bottom. 
  • Make Easy Repairs and Upgrades. Do what you can to give it that extra appeal, like changing out old cabinet handles or adding a fresh coat of paint on a wall. 

Advertise It Right 

Before potential buyers even step foot on a property, they usually want to see pictures first. They will browse Zillow or any real estate database for a visual look. Make sure the pictures that are out there are flattering, along with the descriptions.  

Pro Tips!  

  • Stage the property physically or virtually just a bit to give it a homey feel, if necessary.  
  • Hire a real estate photographer like Cincy Photo Pro to capture the best features and lighting.  
  • Make sure the description is as detailed as possible.  
  • Feature a floor plan, so potential buyers can get a good idea of spacing.  
  • Promote the property on your favorite social media platforms, such as Facebook. Tag others involved in the process like the photographer, marketers, and the real estate company to get more eyes on the ad. 

Host Open Houses 

This trend didn’t work during the pandemic, but those days are behind us. Stir up some interest with an open house. Before people walk through the door, make sure to…  

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  • Boost that Curb Appeal – Tidy up the landscaping. Sweep walks and patios. Go as far as to get the exterior surfaces power washed. This will make an enormous difference. 
  • Gussy Up the Entryway – Get a nice welcome mat, wreath, and maybe some potted flowers.  
  • Open the Windows – Weather permitting, get some fresh air moving through the house. This will help with old lingering smells.  
  • Light it Up – Lights make us feel safe and sure of what we are looking at. Illuminating a space can make it more inviting. Open up those drapes and curtains to use natural light, if possible!  
  • Bake Something – If you can’t open windows, bake some cookies. The smell of baked cookies is a winner, plus you’ll have cookies to give out!  
  • Offer Flyers – Give potential buyers something to take home so that they can remember the experience.  

Final Thoughts on Selling Your Home This Spring 

Spring is undoubtably the most popular time to sell a house. It doesn’t mean it’s the best time for you, but it is a good time to get the most people that are looking to buy. If you are selling your home this spring, we hope these pointers have helped you in the process!  

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