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I love sharing fun, but practical real estate advice and tips. With my expertise of being a homeowner, realtor, and longtime Cincinnati resident, I try to give you an inside eye for what I experience every day in the home-buying/selling market.

selling a home during the holidays

5 Great Tips for Selling a Home During the Holidays 

The shopping season is here, and Christmas gifts aren’t the only things selling. Houses are also still going up on the market during this busy time. There are some really good reasons this is ample time to sell! Gregg also has some helpful tips for selling a home during the holidays!   Pros of the Housing Market During the Holidays & Winter  There is a lot of excess noise in a lot of places over the holidays, but the housing market

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Fall Home Maintenance

Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist 

Fall makes me energetic! The cooler days and nights make working both outside and inside my home more enjoyable. It is a great time to handle simple home maintenance projects while the weather is still good and before we get caught up in the holidays. Here is a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for you to complete and be ready for winter!   Interior Fall Home Maintenance Checklist  Replace caulking around windows and doors. Caulk is fairly inexpensive. The job is a

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downsizing guidelines

6 Important Downsizing Guidelines 

Whether you are moving into a smaller home or just need to simplify your stuff, downsizing is important. Certain items can hold memories of good times, but some of it is just unnecessary for you to hang on to. If you are frustrated with dusting around, planning around, and moving around all that stuff, we have some downsizing guidelines for you that will help!   1. Set Your Intentions and Goals  The first question you need to ask yourself before you

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back-to-school safety tips

5 Back-To-School Safety Tips for Kids and Adults 

It’s time to dust off the books and send our little ones off to learn! No matter if they are just entering kindergarten, breaking into high school or even if you don’t have any kids, keeping all children safe is our top priority! We have some back-to-school safety tips serving as an important reminder.   #1. Adults: Heed to School Zone Driving  When you drive through a school zone, there are a few things you will want to do. First, be

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top trends in real estate

2 Important Top Trends in Real Estate 

For many decades, the real estate business has been stuck to its traditional ways and techniques. It has been hesitant to incorporate new ideas and add a modern touch to its industry… until more recently.  More and more we are seeing the real estate industry exploring possibilities in the digital world. Technology is being integrated, and advancements are being made in this field. Top trends in real estate business seem to be revolving around virtual reality and, of course, artificial

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avoid rental scams

4 Tips To Avoid Rental Scams 

Do you want to rent a house or an apartment? Are you ready to skid past the scammers who will be after your hard-earned money? If not, we have got some tips to help you achieve a seamless rental experience.   How to avoid rental scams may seem daunting, but we are here to help you out. Do not fall into the traps of these vicious scammers and shady schemes by learning these basic tips.   1. Too Good to Be True? It

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