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I love sharing fun, but practical real estate advice and tips. With my expertise of being a homeowner, realtor, and longtime Cincinnati resident, I try to give you an inside eye for what I experience every day in the home-buying/selling market.

housing market crash

Will the Housing Market Crash Again?  

If the last two years haven’t been catastrophic enough, we are starting to see housing market crash worries trending! But is there any real reason to be nervous or is this just a ghostly knee jerk reaction from 2008? Let’s dig into it!   What would cause a housing market crash?   Fourteen years ago, we saw the economy take a nosedive. The housing market bubble reached its limit and burst. What makes a bubble in the first place though? A housing

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contingency clauses

6 Important Contingency Clauses to Know When Selling & Buying 

As the seller or buyer of a property, you have a lot to sweat about. There’s so much paperwork and signing that we can get lost in all the details. And just when something doesn’t seem right, our instincts can tell us to back out. That is what contingency clauses are there for when you are trying to sell or buy a home.   What are Contingency Clauses  When the buyer or seller’s conditions are not met, they have a chance

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experienced real estate agent

7 Important Reasons to Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

A house is placed on the market to sell. There are 3 offers, 1 way too low, 1 at listing price, and 1 above listing price. Other properties in the neighborhood are going for higher than the listing price. The seller has a LOT of questions for the realtor. “Should the listing price be raised?”“Should I hurry and sell to the highest bidder?”“Am I getting all these bids because the house is undervalued?” This situation is an actual one we

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buy a house

Is 2022 a Good Year to Buy a House?

Looking to buy a house in 2022? We’ve seen a lot of real estate market trends lately. Since we’ve spent more time at home for the last couple of years, we’ve seen housing demand soar! First-time home buyers are at an all-time high. They are taking advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Over the last 10 years we’ve also had a housing shortage. What’s 2022 going to bring for home buyers? We have some predictions to share.   More Homes Available, but It’s a Slow Go 

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Is Renting Really Worse than Buying?

We’ve all been told that to truly live the American dream, you must own a home, preferably with a white picket fence. What does this mean and is this phenomenon really true? What if you are content just renting an apartment or house? We are going to give a brief insight on why buying a home has become the status that it has and if renting is really worse than buying.   Home Owning: A History  We still lump home owning into the example of “living the American Dream”, even though

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selling an old house

4 Helpful Tips for Selling an Old House

Not every person looking for a house wants to buy a furnished apartment. Some people like the appeal of historic homes, so if you are selling an old house, don’t worry about finding a buyer. There will be several potential customers interested in your house, but they will need assurance about a few things before they make the purchase. Here are 4 tips for selling your old house as a ‘hot commodity’ instead of a rundown place:    1. House Maintenance Checklist for Selling an Old House Most buyers want to avoid renovations

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