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I love sharing fun, but practical real estate advice and tips. With my expertise of being a homeowner, realtor, and longtime Cincinnati resident, I try to give you an inside eye for what I experience every day in the home-buying/selling market.

summer home improvement projects

6 Great Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer is definitely a time for fun, but also a great time to start a home improvement project! Since the weather is nicer, you have better advantage to work on the exterior or take to your landscape. Get the kids involved and make it a family adventure! Ready to raise the value on your home and learn some new tricks? Here are some great ideas to get you ready to take on new summer home improvement projects! #1. Clean All

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home maintenance

7 Important Home Maintenance Tips to Tackle This Spring

Spring is in full swing! You have, no doubt, checked some home maintenance items off of your spring cleaning checklist, but have you started on the maintenance side? We find that sometimes tasks can vary widely among what is important and what is not. We’d like to provide you with a few items to keep your property in tip top shape all season long! #1. Gutter Maintenance A good gutter system will help draw water away from the property. If

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home inspection

When a Home Inspection Could Threaten the Sale

As the housing market is booming, more buyers and sellers are getting familiar with one of the most nerve-racking rituals in real estate: the home inspection. An inspection, which usually occurs after a buyer has made an offer, is an objective analysis of a home’s condition. Twenty years ago, 75% of purchased homes were inspected; today, it’s 95%, according to Bill Loden, president of the American Society of Home Inspectors, a Des Plaines, Ill.-based industry trade group. Inspections aren’t a

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buying land

5 Important Considerations for Buying Land to Live On

Thinking about starting from the ground up on the next place you live? Buying land is an appealing option, as it can give you the upmost freedom of choice, if you like making decisions. On the other hand, if you are the type that can’t even decide what to eat for dinner on any given night, it might not be the best idea for you. In this blog, we’ll cover some considerations you might not have thought of when looking

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before you move

6 Important Things to Consider Before You Move

Whether you are moving in or moving out, the process can be scary. It is easy to fall under the habit of finding the first option and jumping on it. Sometimes, first isn’t always the best and now you’re stuck in a home that you don’t enjoy. Here’s what you should consider before you move! 1. Consider if you can afford it. Make sure you can afford the new home you are considering. Even though this seems like an obvious

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first home

Best Ways to Save for a First Home

One of the most expensive and important purchases you’re likely to make in your lifetime is your first home. Let’s face it, home ownership is one of the central components of the American “dream.” Moreover, owning a home continues to be talked about as one of the safer investments a person can make. To that end, when is the last time you attended a family gathering or function without hearing some random uncle or third cousin holding forth near the

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